"Crossing the Jurassic" Super-Large Dinosaur Exhibition Made a Shocking Debut at Wanda Plaza in Fucheng, Mianyang

June 01,2022

        The "Through the Jurassic" dinosaur exhibition was unveiled at the Fucheng Wanda Plaza in Mianyang. By ZIGONG SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY ART CO., LTD., A variety OF realistic large simulation dinosaur models were collectively displayed in Wanda Plaza, they are 15 meters simulation of Brachiosaurus, 13 meters simulation of Tyrannosaurus Rex, simulation of Triceratops, simulation of Spinosaurus, simulation of double-crowned dragon, etc. These simulated dinosaur models are not only realistic, and the built-in sound and photoelectric control system makes the dinosaur like resurrection, not only can blink eyes, claws, belly breathing sounds, the whole body can move. The whole large simulation dinosaur display field in the mall also simulates the ecological environment of the prehistoric dinosaur era, with green plants, dinosaur eggs, simulated dinosaur fossil skeletons and other exhibitions, so that customers are personally involved, zero distance to feel the dinosaur era millions of years ago. Customers in Mianyang will have a special and meaningful June with a time-traveling dinosaur exhibition at Fucheng Wanda Plaza in Mianyang.