Suzhou Universal Olympic City (40m Tyrannosaurus Rex)

May 30,2022



March 12, the long-lost sunshine finally shine on the earth, visitors have to go out, shopping, and the east entrance of the stone Road pedestrian street is gathered many visitors, also have taken out a mobile phone, camera, is a big star to Suzhou? Xiaobian heart a excited, squeezed forward, actually see a simulation of dinosaurs, and will move, will call, it is too amazing, provoked Xiaobian can not help but take photos, "chasing a star", also enjoy!

Who brought this dinosaur? Looking AROUND, THE GLOBAL FOOD CARD CITY (Tribune NEWS VIDEO) sales LADY in THE introduction of THE shop, the original DINOSAUR is a GIMMICK OF the GLOBAL FOOD card City, is really smart, RESOURCEful AH!

So many people are chasing stars.

Ming "star" is it

It was getting late, and passers-by were not less enthusiastic about chasing stars

Get to know the shops

Universal feed the city surrounded by passers-by, before long sales sheet in hand, listen to the sales shops, a middle-aged man looking elegant view of some commercial real estate research, "I have been focused on the two sessions, found that the government still more hard-line attitude control of the real estate, especially housing, so I think it is relatively safe some of investment shops, After all, in addition to the land price appreciation, there is a shop operation security!" Xiaobian listen to what he said is reasonable, can not help feeling the same! So continue to learn, what is the Global food card City project?

Sales staff said that the noun is that, property rights, existing home estuary metro subway, an explanation is universal feed the city is located in the subway no. 2 XianChun ShenHu (BBS) central station exit, with 40 years of property rights, and it is existing home sales, looks very attractive, it is no wonder that so many people are interested in, and on the spot, said a moment to take existing home sales offices, looks really hot houses, The eyes of the masses are really clear!

Xiaobian's interest in the global food card city has increased. I went back to the Internet to search and share the details of the global food card City with netizens:

Global Aoyin Card City Suzhou Station is the eight creative theme comprehensive commercial complex created by Shanghai Aoyin Real Estate in 2009, with a total construction area of 200,000 square meters. The project is located at the intersection of Chunshen Zhonghu Road and Cailian Road, the main road of Xiangcheng District, in the hinterland of the region, separated from Xiangcheng District government by Xiangcheng Avenue, known as the "golden corridor". The long-distance bus station, Xiangcheng Hospital, Lumu Senior High School and the financial street under construction surround the area, with obvious advantages in the geographical structure of consumption. The EXIT OF CHUNSHEN ZHONGHU ROAD STATION, SUZHOU METRO LINE 2 UNDER CONSTRUCTION, WILL BE DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE CASE, WHICH WILL BE OPENED TO TRAFFIC in 2010. At that time, the consumer flow driven by the subway flow will cycle back and forth, and the consumption appreciation potential is unlimited.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the Global Food Card City has a "prime commercial location", no wonder so many smart investors choose here, today is a worthwhile trip!

Note: The simulated dinosaur in the report was produced by Zigong Hualong Art Co., LTD