An Excellent Opportunity to Get in Touch with the Hegemons of the Times - the Shock of the Super-Large Dinosaur Exhibition in the United States

June 02,2022

In the long history of the Earth, human history is like a drop in the ocean. Our curiosity for the unknown leads us to explore the mysterious world of prehistory. How would it feel if the gate of time could be opened, giving you a rare opportunity to return to Jurassic World? Excitement, admiration, curiosity, excitement?

Zigong Hualong Technology Co., Ltd. presented an unprecedented ultra-large immersive large-scale simulation dinosaur exhibition in the United States to experience the mysterious overlord from ancient times at zero distance. Ancient dinosaur family gathered in the United States, bring visitors shake extremely visual feast, lifelike, as if the skin texture, huge body slightly breathing, sharp teeth, ferocious expression, the impact of the unprecedented feeling letting a person with the experience of the real return to the Jurassic, the earth's dominant style will then present perfectly, Incredible mystery and fantasy challenge your visual limits!

          Jurassic Quest will take you through the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods to experience the feeling of walking among lifelike dinosaurs for a magical journey.

        This is an interactive dinosaur theme park exhibition. Dinosaurs on display can walk, roar and interact with visitors through technology, together tracing the time when dinosaurs lived.