Company Overview

Hualong locates in Zigong City, Sichuan Province; it names "China Hometown of Dinosaurs". It is a global service operator focused on artificial creatures in culture and creative industries. Products cover artificial dinosaurs, artificial animals, landscape lighting, lantern festivals, and artistic and entertainment IP creation. 

For more than 20 years of hard work, Hualong has provided high-quality personalized services to tens of thousands of customers in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. The company has an independent and innovative R&D, production and sales industrial chain, advanced design, R&D and production capabilities, and dozens of national patents and certificates issued by the National Quality Certification Center.

The company has a global perspective on the foundation of local culture, relying on science and technology to center on the construction of cultural ecology, the output of high-quality culture products, the integration and development of culture and tourism technology. It has gathered many domestic industry-leading scientific research, artistic and creative, production, management, and sales talents. It has established a robust and excellent operation team for the culture and innovative simulation industry. 

It has reached in-depth commercial cooperation with many internationally renowned culture enterprises with vast industry resources and advanced production technology. Combining science and technology museums, theme parks, geological parks, tourist attractions, museums, shopping malls, and other scenes provides customers with a new business that breaks boundaries, industries, regions. Builds a comprehensive and in-depth integration of cultural and technological sectors, improving the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. Culture leader, strategy navigation, science, and technology flourishing, speaking out for Chinese culture, contributing to the spread of Chinese culture are the unshaken belief of Hualong.