Large Simulation Lion Model- Production of Simulation Animals

Size:L:3m(size can be customized by any requests )

Action:1、Eyes blinking 2、Mouth open and close 3、Head moving 4、Stomach moving 5、Tail moving 6、Roaring 7、Fur sticking

Power source:110/220 V;AC;50/60 Hz

Color:According to customers

Accessories:1、Control box 2、Rockery decoration 3、Sound box 4、remote control 5、infrared control 6、sensor 7、other spare components

Production cycle:About 3 days

Large Animatronic Lion Model

The animatronic lions made by Hualong, 

reached the acme of perfection that I was afraid him of being alive the next second.

The simulation lions made for the wildlife science exhibition hall, were all mannual even each of their hair.

Although  it took some time, the effect was extremly authentic. 

As we all know,that was simulated animal model instead of specimen.