Simulation Zebra Model - Theme Exhibition of Animals in Africa Plain

Size:L:2-2.5m(size can be customized by any requests )

Action:1、Eyes blinking 2、Mouth open and close 3、Head moving 4、Stomach moving 5、Tail moving 6、Roaring

Power source:110/220 V;AC; 50/60 Hz

Color:According to customers

Accessories:1、Control box 2、Rockery decoration 3、Sound box 4、remote control 5、infrared control 6、sensor 7、other spare components

Production cycle:About 5 days

Edge tool for scenic spot to attract people - simulated animals exhibition of Africa plain

it was the large-scale simulated zebra model who gathered thousands of people to watch. 

The zebra's head was moving, extremly vivid, with its mouth open and close, 

which garned much popularity and got an explosion of visitors for the spot in a short time.

Zigong Hualong science&technology Co,.Ltd was estblished in 1996

devoted to simulated dinosaurs for 25 years

which integrates lots of modern high technology in their masterpieces simulation dinosaurs, 

to make them look intensely alive and lifelike and be popualar at home and abroad.