How did the dinosaur survive in the mass extinction?

February 03,2023

Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic era, including the Triassic Period. At the end of the Triassic Period, massive-scale biology extinct appeared; what happened in that period? Why has the dinosaur not vanished but arisen?

How did dinosaurs become dominant on the earth? Ascending one step-by-step footstep or fighting win in the hegemony to crawl the crown of the planet?

The survivor of the catastrophe

Lasting hundreds of thousands of years heavy rain initially from volcano eruptions. Triassic is an era of the Mesozoic. However, a catastrophe happened at the termination of the Triassic named the Triassic-Jurassic Extinction Affair.

Most scientists consider the result of the massive extinction from the volcano eruption. At that time, the central Atlantic Ocean had an extensive eruption, and the emitted CO2 resulted in a global temperature rise, accompanied by ocean acidification and hypoxia, causing the Ocean creatures and animals in the low-latitude terrestrial region to extinction.

As a weak colony, dinosaurs have survived this massive extinction.

The polar exhibiting relies on the long-hairs

No matter is Triassic or Jurassic, the climate is warm and moist, even though the polarization has not seen snow, and the water freezes won’t hinder the dinosaur seek for life, the Paleontologists unexpectedly found the dinosaur footsteps in the lagoon sediment.

Dinosaurs, especially the herbivorous dinosaurs, can outcompete the alligator-alike herbivores because they obtain more metabolic rate and can preserve the body temperature in a relatively cold environment; they owe it to their feather!

Set up the hegemony in a chill

The feathered dinosaurs can survive in a relatively cold temperature, even if confrontation of supervolcano eruption caused the volcano winter. However, due to weak cold-resistance capability, large-scale dinosaurs and other species habits in low latitudes eventually collapse. When the extinction finishes and the weather rebound, dinosaurs expand sharply from high latitude to low latitude; in this process, the species and quantities of the dinosaur virally popularize, and the habitus amplification lasts.

Lean on the blood and hairs; dinosaurs survive the Triassic terminate extinction affair and begin a dinosaur era after the Jurassic period!

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