March 8th “Goddess Day” , encounter the most beautiful you

March 10,2022

Goddess Said

In daily life

They are mothers, wives, daughters

Wear work clothes

They are the liability, the responsibility, the hope

They are thin and lean

But contain energy

They do things well and capably

But with all the tenderness

On the occasion of the March 8th Goddess Day

Tribute to all goddesses

May you smile

Moonlight does not stain eyebrows

May your eyebrows be as ever

Years are past

Live peacefully forever

Years safe

Under the leadership of President Zou, all the "goddess" employees of Hualong Science and 

Technology spent a happy and joyful goddess day.

Zou delivered a speech:

Bing Xin (famous writer) said: "If there were no women in the world, the world would lose 

at least five-tenths of truth, six-tenths of goodness, and seven-tenths of beauty."

This world is lovely because of women. On this particular day, I wish all the "goddesses": 

Standing in the time, lifetime of happiness and beauty, happy international women’s day!

Zou personally went to the factory to distribute gifts and red envelopes for the Goddess' Day to 

everyone, and everyone was brimful of happy smiles.

Here, I would like to say to all the employees: You have worked hard! Happy holidays to you all! 

In the days to come, smiles are getting brighter and life is getting better and better!

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