Increasing Zigong lantern culture influence|| Narrate the history of Zigong lanterns

September 28,2022

Zigong lanterns are famous all over the world

Zigong lanterns symbolize the business card of Zigong city

National intangible cultural heritage

Progressively going overseas and the growing influence of Chinese traditional history and culture

Staying closely with Zigong lantern people and narrating the "history" of Zigong Lanterns




1. Lantern narration "history"


Zigong Lantern Industry Chamber of Commerce, Lantern Research Institute of Zigong Think Tank Planning College, organized this narrating history conference.

Many experts and associated key lantern companies visited Hualong Science and Technology.

The conference was held in Zigong Hualong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

At the same time, the organizer invited outstanding people from many lantern industries

to attend this conference.

Delegates made critical remarks and talked about the narration history of lanterns

2. Lantern narration "history"


 This history requires us both foresight observation and down-to-earth action.

 From the perspective of the Zigong lantern people, narration history will

 tell about the lantern-fabrication process, the classic festival lanterns,

 and the concealed story behind lantern fabrication and development of the lantern industry.




3. Lantern narration "history"


 It has been almost 60 years since the first held the "Spring Lantern Festival."

 During this period, the Zigong lantern people generated an immortal legend.

 Craftsmanship innovation, continuous novelty, advanced technology introduction

 created the classic characteristic cultural business card of Zigong Lantern Festival


4. Lantern narration "history"


 Engrossing minds and practicing skills, Zigong Lantern people have spent their whole lives working hard in this diverse and rapid change era.

 Perhaps this is the best inheritance of traditional lantern skills

 Inherit lantern artisans' spirit and record the lantern narration history

 Zigong lantern artisans will trek a long way, and they will devote their hard work to light up every corner of the world.

 During the discussion among Zigong lantern experts and lantern industry leaders, there has been a qualitative breakthrough in the achievements of narration history

 All experts and leaders took group photography at Hualong

 Finally, Zigong Hualong Science and Technology wishes the lantern narration history

a completed success in the follow-up process.

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