Gratitude and Forward Movement ----- Hualong Staff July Birthday Party

July 25,2022

Years were in youth, but time flies by in a hurry

Keeping the youth, Hualong encounters Senyu Sunset Camp

Go to a sunset afterglow birthday appointment


On the afternoon of July 22, Hualong Technology held a warm and loving collective birthday party for colleagues who had their birthday in July so that every employee could feel the deep respect of the company's leader.   

2022.07.22Hualong employees photo

Lawn, tent, lantern strip, sunset, breeze, barbecue, cake

Beautiful scenery comes into view, making all of us refreshing

Before enjoying a delicious meal

Cannot we get the "emotional warming" team-building activity?

Look~ We are versatile

"The Eight Immortals Cross the Sea, Each Showing His Magical Powers"


Hualong family is in good spirits, 

We adopt the effect of ingenious and creative walking, such as backward, diagonal, model step, jumping, and even riding on the shoulder

Giving the opposite direction game is hilarious.

With the host gives an order, everyone does the opposite direction activity.

Game bugs can't last a minute; but the final winner gets an enormous bonus.

A group of people spent a pleasant afternoon accompanied by laughter

The game is over; a sumptuous and delicious dinner is ready

It looks very tasty ~ drooling

We have a good meal tonight

Toast and bottles up

The beautiful sunset accompanied by everyone's laughter

The sky is getting darker

Use mobile phones to take pictures and record the scenery

Some colleagues directly draw the beautiful scenery in front of them, forever in the good memory


Living and learning never stops

Sing a birthday song and bless best wishes

Happy birthday to all the Hualong birthday stars in July

May your wishes come true

The more you share, the happier you will be, and freeze these wonderful moments

The future can be expected; continue to work hard

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Mr. Zhou


Mr. Zhou222


Mr. Zhou