Fujian Dinosaur Valley - Take You Through the Jurassic in one Second

June 01,2022

Dinosaur Valley covers an area of more than 400 mu, and there are about two to three hundred kinds of dinosaurs. It is a new dinosaur park integrating natural history, science popularization, parent-child amusement, viewing and interaction. Deafening dinosaur sound, different shapes, lifelike simulation dinosaurs, by Zigong Hualong Technology Co., LTD. Team ingenuity to produce. Zigong Hualong Technology Co., Ltd. will complete the whole process from site line planning, design and planning to products, production, installation and transportation. In the face of time and heavy task, high quality to complete the customer requirement, we only use 1 month time to achieve breakthrough once again, dinosaur valley on hundreds of different image simulation dinosaurs, dinosaur fossil skeleton and dedicates to watch the immersive, interactive entertainment, popular science education is a body comprehensive project experience, new world of parent-child dinosaur amusement, dinosaur theme park.

Dinosaur Valley mainly includes "Back to the Triassic", "Through Jurassic", "Adventure Cretaceous", "Fantasy Interactive Zone".

"Cultural CREATION SHOP AND EXIT AREA" FIVE themes, fully 1:1 restore the dinosaur life time landform, the shocking surreal prehistoric Jurassic era scene, LIFelike giant dinosaurs, let you go back to the dinosaur world 200 million years ago in one second.