Animatronic Mechanical Mammoth - Skin Animatronic Animal Models

Size:4m tall (Custom sizes available on request)

Action:Eye blink. Mouth opening and closing. Head bobbing. Forelimbs moving. Belly breathing. Tail wagging. Sound

Power source:110/220 V,AC ,50/60 Hz

Color:According to customer requirements or scientific information

Accessories:Control box, Rockery decoration, Sound box, Remote control and infrared control, Sensor, and spare components

Production cycle:7 days

Purely hand-made Animatronic Mammoth

自贡华龙华艺术 影视道具栩栩如生的仿真远古猛犸象与石器人物道具

自贡华龙艺术 大型仿真动物展

The mammoth, also known as the woolly mammoth, is an animal adapted to cold climates. It was once one of the largest elephants in the world.