5 Long-Necked Facts About Mamenchisaurus

December 24,2019

5 Facts About Long-Necked Mamenchisaurus

China is overstuffed with various amazing dinosaurs, and today lets take a look at one of these giant creatures.

Mamenchisauru Necks Wouldve Made Giraffes Feel Humbled


Its Mamenchisaurus. The fact that its necks approaches 30 feet in length has been documented, and one poorly-known species—M. sinocanadorum— is believed to have had nearly 50 feet separating its head from its shoulders. Lets know it in depth.Regulation NFL goalposts have an 186 gap between their uprights. The largest documented great white shark measured 19.5 feet from end to end. The average giraffe boasts a 6-foot neck. Meanwhile, humans are probably only around 10-12 inches long. You can see how pathetic we are.

Something Pitiful Happened to One Poor Specimens Tail  (From Baidu)

As paleontologist Dave Hone notes on his wonderful blog, a Mamenchisaurus skeleton that currently resides at Chengdu University of Technology has an unnatural-looking growth above one of its tail vertebrae. This, he explains, was caused by either a broken and re-healed backbone injury or an infection that spread inside the tail causing the build-up of ossified tissue.


Mamenchisaurus youngi looks like its in desperate need of a Jurassic chiropractor. Paleo-artist Gregory S. Paul points out that the vertebrae above this dinosaurs hips are fused together in a strange, V- shaped orientation. Therefore, M. youngi might have had to permanently hold its tail at an upturned, awkward-looking 20-degree angle.

At least One Variety Had A Clubbed Tail (From Google)

Although Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis rocked a small, bony knob at the end of its tail, some scientists claim that this thing would have been practically useless as a weapon. Interestingly, M. houchanensis was far from the only Asian sauropod (long-necked dino) to have had one. Omeisaurus and Shunosaurus were also card-carrying members of the prestigious Tail-Club Club .

An Animatronic M. Over 64 Feet in Length “Lives” in Kazan, Russia

This huge guy boasts its long neck on the water of a Russian Theme Park. Also it owns dozens of amazing skills. Sparying water, roaring synchronizes with its mouth opening and closing. Moreover, it also can move its long neck! Who made it? Hualong Dino Works. ( If you want a similar one, no worries, just check the contacts in this website and feel free to let us know your requirements.) Every Russian takes it as a magical existence, and they are big fans of it!