Large-Scale Simulated Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition at Indonesia Museum of Paleontology Attracts Thousands of Tourists to Visit and Study

June 01,2022

The dinosaur is a symbol of an age, and the dinosaur fossil skeleton is the continuation of life in an age. The dinosaurs finally died out in the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago, and the reason for the extinction is still a mystery!

The most impressive thing in the exhibition hall of the museum is the 20 to 30 meters high skeleton of simulated dinosaur fossils. Dinosaurs used to be the hegemon on the earth, but now we can only look at the tall dinosaur fossils in the museum and imagine the ancient appearance of the hegemon of the earth. In THE restoration process of pure hand-made by HUALONG Technology Craftsmanship team, we resurrected the prehistoric dinosaur fossils, so that the world can go through that magical era.

There are complete "simulated Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton", "simulated brachiosaurus skeleton", "simulated stegosaurus skeleton" and various large dinosaur bones in the Indonesian Museum. Zigong Hualong Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the design, production, production and installation of the final floor mounted skeleton. This simulation dinosaur fossil skeleton from the skull, teeth, sharp claws, body structure is highly reductive with high scientific research value.

The complete imitation of dinosaur skeletons and other creatures has made the Indonesian museum one of the most influential dinosaur museums in the world, attracting thousands of visitors.