Scenic Dinosaur Theme Park - Korean Theme Park Large-scale Dinosaur Exhibition Takes You Back to The Jurassic

May 30,2022

    By Zigong Hualong Technology Co., LTD. Team to manufacture high simulation mechanical dinosaurs, the use of high-tech means and artistic imagination to create realistic dinosaurs, as if the prehistoric dinosaur big resurrection.Walking into the park was a shocking sight, a deafening roar, a mouth that opened and closed, and teeth that were very sharp……It is like returning to the Jurassic era. With the natural and green ecological environment in the park, it is really a feast for the eyes of tourists。

    This high-simulation "Dinosaur exhibition" brings visitors a stronger visual impact, can call, active dinosaurs and visitors zero distance contact, especially loved by children。The park includes the giant Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus...... A variety of high simulation dinosaur models,The real simulation presents a spectacular scene of the life of prehistoric dinosaurs, taking visitors back to the time when dinosaurs lived 200 million years ago, enjoying the magnificence of the prehistoric earth ruler, but also understand the historical knowledge.

Intelligent high-tech simulation dinosaur ---- Tyrannosaurus Rex 20 meters


The Triceratops model is 8 meters long

The large simulated Uniceratops model is 8 meters long