Love and Heart | This Birthday Party Warms and Nourishes the Heart, Full Sense of Ceremony

April 30,2022

dreams and Hualong Technology public charitable journey  , and the Hualong charity ambassadors from Zhongyuan Education Center to spend the first joy  desire.

Hualong's public welfare trip is on the way

Ame "Happy Clapping Song" immersed the children in "happiness" and forgot their homesicknHualong Technology, President Zou, is an initiator of this event.She is a caring mother who is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. She hopes that children can get high-quality educational conditions, grow smoothly, and take care of the healthy growth of children.

You will be outstanding only when you are acting out. Every effort that the children put in today will be rewarded in the future. It is believed that the harder you work, the luckier you will be.


Collectively celebrate and sing a happy birthday song and make a beautiful wish!  !


All of them had a relaxed and happy birthday party. Finally, Hualong President Zou wish the children from Zhongyuan Education Center happy birthday, happy every day, and growing up healthily!