The Exquisite Simulation Dinosaur From Hualong Dino Works Will Exhibit in North America

October 30,2021

With the sound of trucks, the simulation dinosaur products from Hualong Dino Works will tour North America, bringing a unique exhibit experience to the North American people.

These large, medium and small simulation dinosaurs are utilized imported motors inside and high-density silicone rubber material outside. It seems that they are vivid and can be shaped. Do you feel as if it dates back to the Jurassic era again?

They will be dispatched to a North American dinosaur exhibition hall loaded with more than five containers and nearly half a hundred various colourful simulation dinosaurs from the Hualong Dino Works, debuting exquisite gifts from the hometown of dinosaurs to the local people.

Our workers use a crane to hoist the main section of dinosaurs up and haul the dinosaurs off to the freight container in an orderly fashion. After another 40 days wait, they will arrive at their new home abroad.