Make Every Effort to Normalize the Prevention and Control

August 04,2021

Hualong Science and Technology actively responded to the  No. 27 Announcement “Office of Responding to the Novel Coronavirus  Epidemic of Zigong City” and strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures.

Hualong Science and Technology put forward the following requirements for the prevention and control ofCOVID-19 epidemics:

1. Have a comprehensive understanding of the company employees mobile situation.

2. Employees who return from other places should report to the company or their village (community) within 1 hour and consciously abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control

3. All personnel entering and leaving who shall manage the factory in a unified manner. Employees who have symptoms such as fatigue, fever, dry cough, etc. should be reported to the relevant office in time

4. The company organizes employees to learn about the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, improves their self-protection awareness and self-protection capabilities.

5. Strengthen the workplace's ventilation, keep the environment clean, hygienic and indoor air circulation.

6. Strengthen the frequency of hygiene and clean-up of facilities and critical areas of workshops, public places and employee gathering places in the factory, clean and dispose of garbage in time, and regularly disinfect garbage collection utensils.