The Greatest People Republic of China Celebrated Its 70th Anniversary

September 30,2019

October 1, 2019, the greatest People republic of China celebrated its 70th anniversary.            

China is full of flowers and the music on the land and sky. On this most beautiful day, all employees of Zigong Hualong Science & Technology Co.(Hualong Dinosuar factory), Ltd. offer their sincerest wishes to our motherland with full enthusiasm: wish our motherland prosperity and strength!        

China is seventy years old but looks still young, and the Greater China has been glorious for thousands of years. With seventy years of precipitation, China has made this day glorious.     

The sea sings with the sound of the waves, the mountains with the lofty witness, the earth with the silent oath: China, I love you.   

Best wishes for the future of our motherland be bluer, greener, clearer, more prosperous, happier people, stronger national strength and a better future for our motherland!