The Dinosaur is Coming- 2014 Star Mall Christmas Dinosaur Exhibit

December 13,2014

hualong  dinosaur

   On December 12, 2014, the ”dinosaur is coming” star mall Christmas dinosaur exhibit is ceremoniously opened, the event is hosted by the star mall Shenyang shopping plaza and co-organized by Zigong city Hualong art co., LTD.,

dinosaur exhibit Christmas


dinosaur  new year

     more than 10 kinds of giant simulation dinosaurs through the time tunnel surprise appearance in Star Mall, 6.5 meters high, 15 meters long, giant brachiosaurus will become welcome messengers,  within the people ‘s square ,the mamenchisaurs, tyrannosaurus and triceratops dinosaurs stars is spirit wait for the guests.

dinosaur egg  toy

dinosaur baby

     more is nifty and lovely cartoon baby dinosaur and dinosaur eggs . During the exhibition, each dinosaur special skills, or shake your head or put tail bring greetings of ancient times.

   -----news from Phoenix Liaoning Integrated