Chengdu FORTE Business Center Grand Opening

October 07,2014


      9/27 Chengdu FORTE Business Center grand opening, the lager tyrannosaurus rex, dilophosaurus, maiasaura, and many other dinosaurs in the FORTE Business cinter by zigong city hualong art co., LTD. Shock of dinosaur park first came to chengdu, let visitors back to the Jurassic period, In many such as really huge dinosaur model build, will be over the age of the dinosaurs all curiosity into real, time sensation, set off onlookers boom.


   *Murderous tyrannosaurus rex


Greedy brachiosaurus

  *Greedy brachiosaurus


honest protoceratops

  *Honest protoceratops


Terrible dilophosaurus

    *Terrible dilophosaurus


dinosaur park

  *Dinosaur park