Beijing APM Dinosaur Exhibition

August 20,2014

    Beijing Apm shopping center blockbuster build Chinas largest dinosaur park shopping center, 2014 since Aug. 5 hailida international popularity overwhelming, attracts a lot of experience for customers to shopping center, per capita daily passenger flow at around 120000.

  APM Shopping Center

         Beijing apm special invited top design team build dinosaur park, the introduction of high-tech and artistic imagination, is the simulation dinosaur exhibits core, lifelike, the height of 13M Tyrannosaurus rex, 5M long  Spinosaurus, 4M long  Triceratops and Raptors, respectively, in the green plant, not only can blink, also breathing dinosaurs sound, coupled with its realistic muscle, skin, teeth, claws, and colors, deserve to go up the scene of the original ecological layout, as if the customers are back to the age of the dinosaurs. 

Dinosaurs exhibition

   When reporters came to the Beijing apm shopping center court in the first layer of the dinosaur park, saw the people, a lot of parents take their children to look, see only on the book or the film and television works can see at ordinary times of simulation dinosaur, there are a lot of dinosaurs "geeks" also gathered in, and around the dinosaur excited about simulation dinosaur in modelling lifelike, morphology and breathing.

Beijing APM Shopping Center

   Next to a colossal tyrannosaurus rex, simulation Spinosaurus in special grass trees emit sound growl, directly in posing with twin sisters, one of the kids also made the simulation dinosaur wanted to touch gesture, and a little afraid of expression on her face, seem lifelike dinosaurs modelling or make them feel a tiny bit of fear, but more important is to stimulate their curiosity about dinosaur.

dinosaurs exhibition

  In another area, From the French Foreign friend Peter, holding the phone kept shooting, he told reporters: "very love dinosaurs, studies were made of the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs did very lifelike, is currently in China to have seen the best simulation modelling of dinosaur".Peter said: "the raptors fangs claws, although its size close to the size of the Turkey, but the position of a deputy to high speed running, seems ready to jump and capture prey. Its fierce manner, not only let people behind a cold, gave birth to a sense of crisis, but it is precisely this stimulus, thrilling and exciting feeling, let a person fondle admiringly, at the same time, could not help but want to touch it up pouty snout to provocation."

Beijing APM

    Reporter at the scene of a random interviews citizens ms zhang said: "today is specially take son to come over to visit, summer vacation will take children to the museum at ordinary times, the zoo and other places to visit and but simulation dinosaurs were like this have not seen before, opportunity is rare, they want give their children more opportunity to learn and understand, that a coming here to see so many people looking at the dinosaur."While his son said in surprise: "dinosaur really fun here!"

APM Shopping center

   Reporters from the scene observed that the dinosaur park is also equipped with egg shape pictures area, free for a photo for the consumer, let everybody with small dinosaurs hatched.At the same time, behind a group of lifelike simulation dinosaur growl sound, many consumers feel like back to the cretaceous period about 68.5 million years ago to 68.5 million years.Have to say Beijing apm operating personnel planning such a heart, can use modern technology tools leave with ancient dinosaur with special experience, is a rare experience for consumers.

APM Shopping center

     In addition, according to the scene of the staff, in addition to free shooting area, in the next 30 days during the dinosaur exhibition, also will not regularly held in weekend interactive creative performance, spend a certain amount of customers, can be complimentary gift of dinosaurs