Large-scale Animatronic Hanging Pterodactyl Model


Action:Eye blink. Mouth opening and closing. Head bobbing. Forelimbs moving. Belly breathing. Tail wagging. Sound

Power source:110/220 V,AC ,50/60 Hz

Color:According to customer requirements or scientific information

Accessories:Control box, Rockery decoration, Sound box, Remote control and infrared control, Sensor, and spare components

Production cycle:7 days

Large-scale Animatronic  Hanging Pterodactyl Model

自贡华龙艺术 户外景区园林仿真恐龙模型 

Animatronic hanging pterosaurs swimming in the sky

Come to the dinosaur park, the image of realistic pterosaurs hovering in the sky. Have you seen the pterosaurs that can be seen everywhere in the forest? Let people instantly back to the Jurassic Century Park.

自贡华龙艺术 栩栩如生仿真吊挂翼龙