Large-scale Animatronic T-Rex Stomping Triceratops

Size:6m long (Custom sizes available on request)

Action:Eye blink. Mouth opening and closing. Head bobbing. Forelimbs moving. Belly breathing. Tail wagging. Sound

Power source:110/220 V,AC ,50/60 Hz

Color:According to customer requirements or scientific information

Accessories:Control box, Rockery decoration, Sound box, Remote control and infrared control, Sensor, and spare components

Production cycle:9 days

A combination of Jurassic-era Tyrannosaurus Rex foraging scenes.


The Tyrannosaurus Rex is so athletic and agile that it could rival almost any creature from the Jurassic era.

华龙艺术有趣新颖的仿真霸王龙6M 侏罗纪仿真恐龙公园摆件

 The Tyrannosaurus Rex was brutal, intelligent, and evolved to be most successful in a world without natural predators, with reasonable limbs and a high running speed.



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