A Korean Dinosaur Park Created by Hualong Dino Works



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A Korean Dinosaur Park Created by Hualong Dino Works

    Have you ever imagined that one day the extinct giant creatures come back to life? What would you think if they were in front of you?

    Dozens of thoughts are lingered in your minds, don't be confused about this.  Just follow Hualong Dino Works to see what it actually would be.

    Not a very large scale of place as it is, it's able to accomadate these guys for their living and playing.


Lifesize Amargasaurus is playing in its new Dino Park.

A fierce Carnotaurus is roaring. 


This dilophosaurus straightens his neck to smell fresh air of his new living habitat.

Wow! This huge guy(T-rex) is declaring his sovereignty of this place.

This mini dino kingdom is just tip of iceberg created by Hualong Dino Works, if you want to know more about even larger dino world, don't miss all the cases that Hualong managed to make.

Let's jump into the Lost World of Dinosaur!