Creative Simulation Cartoon Dinosaur - Simulation dDinosaur Production

Size:L:1.8m(size can be customized according to any requirements)

Action:1、Eyes blinking 2、Mouth open and close 3、Head moving 4、Ears moving 5、 Nose moving 6、Stomach moving 7、Tail moving 8、Roaring 9、Water spraying

Power source:110/220V ;AC; 50/60 Hz

Color:According to customers

Accessories:Steel frame structure inside;direct current to control movements,;skin made of high density foam;manual modeling、carving,、rubber silicone covering and color painting.All above is to make a vivid and lifelike moving models, as well has the properties of waterproof、fireproof、antifreeze and high temperature resistance.

Production cycle:About 3 days

华龙科技 仿真卡通恐龙模型

华龙科技 原创设计卡通恐龙制作