Dubai Lantern Festival - Super Large Cultural Tourism Lantern Exhibition

June 13,2022

The first large dubai lights by zigong city hualong technology co., LTD., from graphic design to the three-dimensional modelling, from the welding wire frame to the color separation pasting, each lamp will experience on purely manual process of originality burnish, lights the theme of originality, hualong technology to build a unique charm of the Lantern Festival lanterns on the international stage, dubai. For the people of the world to bring more exquisite lantern culture!

This lantern fair not only covers a large area, the number of colored lights is hundreds of large-scale scenes, and the activity content is rich and colorful. Hundreds of large themed lights, including the theme of special night game lights, large light exhibition themes, and the theme of simulated dinosaurs, were displayed to decorate the night sky. The festival covers a series of activities such as delicious food, folk performance, fun entertainment, parent-child interaction and so on. It provides a comprehensive place for visitors to watch lanterns, enjoy delicious food and enjoy joy.

        In order to make the lamp achieve the most beautiful effect, the staff in every detail, every process are in strict accordance with the design standards and construction specifications, from the process is in accordance with the traditional process of silk frame modeling, internal penetration and external light source, through the normative requirements of production, high safety.

The lantern has become one of the most popular night Tours for tourists from all over the world.