Large Simulation Shark Model- Production of Giant Simulation Marine Organism

Size:L:16m(size can be customized according to any requirements)

Action:1、Eyes blinking 2、Mouth open and close 3、Fins moving 4、Tail moving 5、Stomach moving 6、Roaring

Power source:110/220V ;AC; 50/60 Hz

Color:According to customers

Accessories:1、Control box 2、Rockery decoration 3、Sound box 4、remote control 5、infrared control 6、sensor 7、other spare components

Production cycle:About 5 days

Large Animatronic Simulation Shark Model

华龙科技 室内仿真海洋生物展览 栩栩如生的大型仿真鲨鱼模型

华龙科技 户外大型仿真巨齿鲨展览 景区引流神器

            The exhibition of simulated sponge creatures in foreign scenic spots-a 16-meter-long large simulated Megalodon shark was successfully installed and landed. 

Such a giant Megalodon shark allows visitors to know Megalodon shark more intuitively, which is shocking and can better attract tourists' attention and achieve better drainage effect.