Animatronic Pterosaur Standing Stump Model - Aimatronic Dinosaur Machine Model

Size:6m (Custom sizes available on request)

Action:Eye blink. Mouth opening and closing. Head bobbing. Forelimbs moving. Belly breathing. Tail wagging. Sound

Power source:110/220 V,AC ,50/60 Hz

Color:According to customer requirements or scientific information

Accessories:Control box, Rockery decoration, Sound box, Remote control and infrared control, Sensor, and spare components

Production cycle:7 days

Animatronic Pterosaur Standing Stump Model

华龙艺术博物馆展 游乐场 户外大型仿真翼龙模型6M

华龙艺术主题公园 仿真恐龙展览

华龙艺术龙主题公园 园林景观仿真翼龙摆件6M


Pterodactyl is an omnivore dinosaur, don't look at it can be cute love it to start the fire to the little Tyrannosaurus will also eat. Hualong Technology can customize the size of different simulation dinosaur, according to your needs, and strive for perfection!