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Dinosaurs soon to be unleashed at Te Manawa in Palmerston North
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      An internationally-renowned dinosaur exhibition featuring a massive tyrannosaurus rex is about to be unleashed on the people of Palmerston North.

      Residents walking past the citys Te Manawa museum on Sunday got more than they bargained for when they found themselves face-to-face with the prehistoric creatures being unloaded for the The Dinosaur Encounter exhibition.

      Developed by the Natural History Museum in London, the exhibition involves nine moving dinosaur models designed with state-of-the-art animatronics.

           Dinosaur replicas from London are unloaded for an upcoming exhibition at Te Manawa

      This will be the first time the exhibition has been shown in the southern hemisphere, and it will be exclusive to the Palmerston North venue.

      Te Manawa concepts and engagement leader Kristelle Plimmer said securing the exhibition was simply a matter of asking for it.

Sean Whyte makes sure the dinosaur exhibits from London are handled carefully as they enter Palmerston Norths Te Manawa museum.

      "It fitted our gallery space and it fitted our budget."

      As it came from the Natural History museum, the exhibition was scientifically accurate, she said.

      "Thats really important [that] the information we are giving people is accurate and factual."

                   Part of a tyrannasourus rex replica is hoisted up before entering Te Manawa.

      The team from London flew  over to help unpack and set up the exhibition. Plimmer said in order to unload the containers, which were shipped from London, she had to become qualified in biosecurity practices.

      The models could move and make noises, with the biggest dinosaur being the 4.5-metre-tall tyrannosaurus rex.

      The T-Rex was the centrepiece of the exhibition, and would be joined by other well-known creatures, such as triceratops, ankylosaurus and ornithomimus.

             A dinosaur replica from London is unloaded at Te Manawa museum in Palmerston North

      Reproductions of fossil remains would also be on display in a jungle setting.

      Plimmer said she was really excited about the exhibition.

      "Im looking forward to when we have it open to the public and can share it with the community.

      "We want people to go, I had a really good time and I learnt something I did not know."

       Te Manawa chief executive Andy Lowe said he was excited to see the dinosaurs being unloaded.

      "Its a really good thing for the city and the region. Its great for everybody, really."

      Palmerston North mayor Grant Smith previously praised Te Manawa for securing the show.

      "This will be the second exclusive international exhibition to visit Palmerston North this year and another great drawcard for our city."

      Dinosaur Encounter will open on September 24 and run until February 26.


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