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What picture is truth, prehistoric Canada?
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 Have you thought about tyrannosaurus climb climb a tree house in the backyard?Would you like to see someone swimming in the swimming pool?Really want to have a dream of dinosaurs as pets is not difficult to realize, as long as you live in Canada of hundreds of millions of years.

   600 million years ago in ancient times and is known as the late cretaceous dinosaur elegy, this piece of land in North America had been living with different kinds of dinosaurs.Canada with abundant fossil reserves by biologists as a dinosaur garden, now with the Canadian music live network (lahoo. Ca) look at this piece of magic land, the experts on the "underground" neighbors what are the important discoveries.
 1. Dinosaur Provincial Park (Alberta Provincial Park) - Brooks, Alberta

    Just like its name, this piece of land has been hailed as a world-class dinosaur lost land, everywhere in the park dinosaur bones and fossils, let the tourists can feel hundreds of millions of years ago by the reptile rule of Canada.The park is a UNESCO world heritage site, maybe here has the worlds most abundant dinosaur bones and fossils, waiting for the exploration of the world.From years of exploration, paleontologists have discovered tyrannosaurus rex species unique to the alberta, which named alberta dragon (Albertosaurus).At the same time, the area and one of the main activities of the Ankylosaurus (Ankylosaurus) area, but also dug up suspected herbivore herds new species of dinosaur fossils.At 65 million years ago, experts to determine the area may be called smelly wasteland (Smell Badlands).
2. Eastend (Mr TengDe) - offer

  1991 t. Rex (skeleton) has been found here for the first time.Paleontologists unearthed the fossil bones show a real tyrannosaurus rex lived about 67 million years ago.Experts decided to the fossil bones named scottie, it is also known to exist in the worlds largest and most complete one of the 12 with t. rex fossil skeleton.

 3. Yoho National Park (deep and remote crane National Park) - Burgess Shale, British Columbia


    Is not only a tyrannosaurus rex or vegetarian dinosaurs living in Canada, many insects, fish and amphibians in hundreds of millions of years ago have been known to live in this magical land.From 1186, theo walcott (Charles Doolittle Wallcott) unearthed the first insects bones, paleontology experts have in the shale formation of deep and remote crane national park found that more than 60000 species of amphibians and other small bones, including trilobites and head foot class.

4. Southampton (Southampton) - Ontario

Near the lake Huron villa resort has a well-known "fossil" beach.Day after day the scour of the water will be a lot of bones to shore.If you are interested in, might as well take a day to the beach to explore the secrets of the dinosaurs.

5. Bay of Fundy (Bay of Fundy) - Nova Scotia

    As the worlds largest tidal bay area difference, the bay of fundy not only is a favorite of tourism explorers, biologists are also found in the escarpment, Canadas largest brontosaurus fossil bones.This rare fossil bones as early as 1.4 million years ago the Jurassic period had been sleeping in the bay of fundy.

6. Mistaken Point (Point) - central Newfoundland

Canadian music live network (lahoo. Ca) previously reported, in June by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization to join the world heritage list of misleading points within the earths most ancient biological relics, experts even fossils unearthed here 500 million years ago.The regions unique shoreline buried 565 million years ago in this sea of Ediacaran biota fossils (Ediacaran).
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