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Film has entered a stage of preparing for armed version "" dinosaurs or appearance
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    Jurassic world star Chris para and blythe Dallas Howard will return in a sequel
    Optical network news last week, there is news that Jurassic world 2 2 in Hawaii at the end of next year before - this is what the film Jurassic world locations.Recently, the "filmmaker frank Marshall when interviewed confirmed that the film will be next spring, and said that the film has now entered the stage of preparing for.
   Frank Marshall told foreign media starts an interview: "we are in the preparing stage, in fact, just arrived from London with Juan Antonio (director) and film art direction met. We in the design, he is drawing storyboard, we are go all out to preparatory work to ensure that the film shooting early next year."
   Jurassic world before release, the director colin, if he just made it clear that he wont directed sequel film, but he is still with its sequel script writer Derek connery were involved in the creation of the.Last November, the chairman of universal pictures, Donna lang also announced that if colin, wo will build with Steven spielberg Jurassic world trilogy, come to if.And Jurassic world 2 director Juan Antonio, and will not participate in the film script part of the work.
    Frank Marshall added: "as a director, and have his work, but colin and Derek is responsible for the script, so we have countless meeting, the story of the film template also has been basically established, but he (director, and surely will join his own ideas, will have his way of expression, basically the story appears in the shape of it is set."
   Jurassic world after release in summer 2015, eventually won more than $650 million in the north American box office, global sales of more than 1.67 billion dollars, in global history fourth, the quality of the film is also a virtue.Can transcend Jurassic world is clearly a huge challenge for a sequel.Frank Marshall said, "I think" the bourne identity "series and Jurassic world series of video have such pressure, we set the starting point is too high. To me, this is a round of the contest, action continues, the story goes, this is the most important thing. You just need to think about how to make characters into the story, let us have the dinosaurs into action. This is a challenge, but is the challenge of health."
   After colin, if he had revealed the sequel will be armed with a dinosaur, story background will also leave the blah, the island.But Jurassic world star Chris para and blythe Dallas Howard has confirmed return a sequel, film release time has also been identified as June 22, 2018.


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