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After the dinosaurs Mammals evolved greatly accelerated
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   A team of researchers at university college London found that placental mammals (now contains nearly 5000 species, in which humans) evolution speed before the cretaceous extinction is relatively stable, but the following species, contributed to todays all kinds of mammals. 

   Team chief researcher, institute of genetics at university college London, evolution and the environment of Thomas Halliday, said: "the bird of the extinction of the dinosaurs, there is competition relations in other mammals the waning of our ancestors, which is early placental mammals benefit. Once pressure is lifted, they quickly evolved a variety of new form. 

  "We especially notice the advanced beast catalogue of the animals, they increase the size of the rapid increase rapidly, ecological diversity. The evolution path until now, include bats, cats, rhino, whales, cattle, pangolin scales, shrews, hedgehog very different mammals."

  Team found that the last common ancestor of placental mammals live in late cretaceous, earlier than 66 million years ago non-avian dinosaur extinction about 3 million years.Previous research had assumed evolution speed approximate to constant, use of todays mammals molecular data backed up.Given this time than previous research conclusion late in twenty million.

  The study was funded by the natural environment research council, on June 29, 2016, published in the journal proceedings of the royal society B.This paper, the researchers analyzed from cretaceous to todays many fossils, sort out the animals in the fossil record of the time, estimated its nodes appear differentiation in the new the evolutionary tree.The evolutionary trees by the same team published in 2015, contains the most complete so far of the paleocene mammals.

  The researchers measured the 904 placental mammals fossil bones and teeth in subtle changes, anatomical differences between species markers in the evolutionary tree.They also measure the branch characteristic number along with the change of time, be early placental mammals in the evolution of the average velocity of before and after the dinosaurs.Average comparison before and after the two geological period evolution speed, you can see the effects of extinction event.

    Author, university college London institute of genetics, evolution and the environment, the earth sciences Anjali Goswami taught it said: "our findings denied some other related research conclusions, they ignored the last time before and after the mass extinction fossils of placental mammals. We adopt the method of rigorous, success to trace the evolution of the early placental mammals trajectory, and rebuild their evolution process. Although the evolution speed varies between species, but we can see they have increased significantly after the dinosaurs, illustrate the dinosaurs disappeared brought tremendous good to our ancestors. The dinosaurs on the tremendous impact of the evolution of our ancestors, it reflects the importance of this event in shaping the modern world."

   Co-author and earth sciences at university college London Paul Upchurch professor added: "our massive data sets and precision, to more clearly describe the evolution of history. We plan to use these data to study the evolution of other large-scale patterns, for example, how the early placental mammals have disappeared today, bridge, scattered to the mainland."



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