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Today’s new headlines more than 100 million years ago, Chongqing wad a city of “dinosaur” the latest new
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Yong chuan bone.(Chongqing museum of nature for the figure)
A few days ago, Chongqing natural new dinosaur museum exhibition hall in closed reopened after upgrade, after the upgrade of the exhibition hall presents a more "elements" of Chongqing, upstream Yongchuan "dragon", "shenzhou ba-yu dragon" nearly 10 things such as Chongqing dinosaur fossil specimens appearance at all.A few days, tens of thousands of people visit, an upsurge in Chongqing "hot" dinosaur.
Chongqing dinosaur family what are the big dinosaurs?Hundreds of millions of years ago, why there are so many dinosaurs live in Chongqing?Recently, the reporter went to Chongqing museum of nature, the investigation of Chongqing dinosaur archives, uncover the secrets of Chongqing ancient dinosaur world.  

Into the natural museum, the exhibition hall, the first thing you encounter is a giant sauropod dinosaur fossil specimens, its mouth, and zhang, is like a long whistle face upwards, looks imposing manner.
"This is a dragon, said the ocean dragon horse gate creek, is Asias largest and most complete giant dinosaurs, known as the star of the China dinosaur."Chongqing natural museum curator ouyang said, ocean dragon horse gate creek is currently the longest neck of dinosaurs have been found in the world, its body length of about 24 meters, the length of the neck accounted for almost half its body length.The united Arab emirates national museum has bid $30 million, want to have it, act as,.

Until the 1970 s, the Chinese carnivorous dinosaur fossils found scattered teeth, only a few broken bones.Therefore, foreign once had said: "in the distant Jurassic, China only vegetarian dragon, this is the cause of Chinese character weakness, roll with the punches."
However, from 1972 to 1977, giant carnivorous dragon fossil found in Chongqing Yongchuan and overthrew the fallacy.That was caused a sensation at home and abroad, also attracted a paleontology experts made a special trip to visit the British museum.At this point, Chinas carnivorous dinosaur finally got the approval.
Chongqing is the concentrated distribution area of the dinosaur fossils
In Chongqing, how many such precious dinosaur fossils?This year, after completing the first task in the process of the movable cultural relics census, natural museum of dinosaur fossils discovered in Chongqing conducted a comprehensive inventory."Mainly include sauropod dinosaurs, theropod, birds feet, stegosaurus four categories, and these dinosaur fossils found in Chongqing have."Ouyang said, so far, the citys dinosaur fossils found at point more than 40, excavated a complete fossil nearly 10.
What is more, Chongqing urban was concentrated distribution area of dinosaur fossils.Yuzhong district ChaoTianMen, nanan distract copper coin bureau, jiangbei big dam, jiulongpo district, monuments, current transformers, chengjiang town now field, TongGuXi town and other places have been found dinosaur fossils.Beibei is found more places, dinosaur fossils were found 13.
What is the reason that so many dinosaurs live in Chongqing?"Chongqing is a city of the dinosaur."Ouyang said that the Jurassic period 135 million years ago, at that time in Chongqing and marshes and lakes, the climate is hot and wet, the shore, forested, scrub these conditions is particularly suitable for dinosaurs lived life.       



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