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Explaining "dinosaur beautician" dab hand doing let paleontological "born again"
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    PRC Chongqing on July 27 (xinhua wang mandy) of beibei in Chongqing xiema town, a 2000 - square - meter factory, from morning till night, popping boomed, bam, noisy upsurge, sharp cutting, grinding, welding.
    As usual, 60 Zhu Songlin confidently sat at a small wooden desk, in the spotlight, wearing masks, holding a pen, pen spinning around, a slight "hissing" sound.Then, clastic rock fall, revealing white texture.
   "Every skeleton, every footprint tells a story about the dinosaur family vivid, our job is to distinguish from the rocky fossils, fossils of scattered disorderly assembling into the complete skeleton, do their best hairdresser."Say this words is Zhu Songlin, with nearly 40 years experience of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology field excavation indoor display production repairman, at the same time, also as Chongqing museum of nature, associate professor, director of the department of earth sciences.
    Time back in 2011, is located in beibei district of Chongqing museum of nature then it has not been opened, the preparation and open to new, Zhu Songlin in xiema fossils in the repair shop in the town of whole for five years.
Now, in thousands of square meters of exhibition hall, lifelike large dinosaur skeletons and hundreds of pieces of dinosaur bones, teeth, egg and egg nest, footprint fossil specimens into column display.So, who is making them "resurrection"?In Chongqing only seven professionals engaged in the work of fossil specimen repair, Zhu Songlins leaders.
    Grew up in the museum heap "dinosaur"
    Was born three months to the museum, because his father has been at the museum, Zhu Songlin growth at an early age in the museum.In his words, to other peoples children play with toys, he was already in the "play" dinosaur.
Hear, together with the day after tomorrow is self-study, geology, paleontology, learn art, sculpture, Zhu Songlin for restoration of dinosaurs shows unusually gifted.But really get in touch with the dinosaur, back in 1981, 24 years old by that time, as the team to sichuan township five emperor in conducting field excavation.
    In 1986, is the most he impressed with YingShan County in sichuan chuan township, he learned from a farmers mouth, there seems to be exposed the spine like things in stone.So he went to the local exploration, discovered the stegosaurus residual bone.Then he look for farmers to a laundry list, pick back more than 100 catties of stone.
   Recover the stegosaurus cost Zhu Songlin almost half a year, in this half a year, the most to his headache, stegosaurus restoration of shoulder blade plate."Dont dismiss the 80 cm sword plate, are found in many stegosaurus, but just dont know the place where," said Zhu Songlin, in the end, he found the sword and board in the stegosaurus shoulder blades have connection joint surface, so the sword plate to the shoulder blade.
   Four working procedure for the dinosaur "resurrection"
   Let the fossil "betray oneself", just fossils to repair the first step;Second, also need according to the specific circumstances, to repair the fossil.For fossils have damaged, need to be repaired.Really cant find, it needs to make model, plaster recovery;Then, the use of solid glue, reinforcement for fossils;In the end, is a rack of bones.
   "Get a fossil, the first to examine and judge, to see it some what things, whether to need to stick receive, reinforcement, broken stick connected to find stubbles and bedrock is too thin to add, become warped skin glue, the main points of the" Zhu Songlin said, from cleaning, repair and reinforcement to the rack, six repair work takes about 1 year to 2 years, if contain bone mass is not high, the more you will need to repair, the amount of time is also more long.
   In Zhu Songlin view, interest and patience is by far the most core of fossil mechanics quality, repair, energy, and vision are highly concentrated, together with contact for a long time, will be very boring.In 2009, found in yongchuan district of Chongqing light ping township in bishan dragon is a typical example.Reporter in Chongqing natural museum exhibition hall saw the 80 x40 cm rock, Zhu Songlin said, nearly 300 pieces of stones "Mosaic" dinosaur bones, minimum 2 mm is less than, the cleaning alone spent six months, the whole repair process finished in almost two years.

    In Chongqing, like Zhu Songlin engaged in the work of the ancient fossils repair technician is only seven, due to the relatively hard, and the profit is not high, a lot of people insist on not bottom go to, a career change.Whereas Zhu Songlin has clung to silently."Because of love, adhere to the" so, with less than half a year, Zhu Songlin also to the retirement age, but he said that even if retired, he will also pass this art on it.



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