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Hickory Convention Center hosts dinosaur experience
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      HICKORY – If you have ever wanted to pet a baby triceratops or stroll around an allosaurus and tyrannosaurus, the Hickory Metro Convention Center was the place to be last weekend.


      Jurassic Quest made its second trip to Hickory -- last Friday through Sunday -- and brought twice as much to its dinosaur adventure experience. It included a life-size dinosaur exhibit, dinosaur tour, science station, dinosaur crafts and dinosaur rides.


      “We actually have a lot more educational opportunities in the show like new fossils, real fossils,” Jurassic Quest Site and Show Manager Sam Genung said. “For the last year we’ve talked with a bunch of paleontologist trying to get the show even more accurate… realistic is what we’re going for, information and the physical appearance of all the dinosaurs.”


      The job of getting the exhibit set up for the weekend is nearly as big as some of the dinosaurs people will see, with the number doubling this year to more than 80 dinosaurs.


      “Those are the ones we talked to the paleontologists about,” Genung said. “There’s new feathered dinosaurs that we’re finding like last year, that we’re adding to the show.”


      Terri von Drehle, Hickory Metro Convention Center visitor’s center coordinator, brought her grandson to last year’s exhibit and there was no question she’d be taking him back this weekend.

      “The dinosaurs are motion detected to when you get near them they start moving and roaring. They’re just so lifelike,” Drehle said. “The thing that got him the most excited was they come out periodically with baby dinosaurs and they let the kids pet them and when we left he said, ‘Grandma I got to touch a real baby dinosaur’ and he really believed it. I mean they are so lifelike.”


      For her, it was exciting just to see the actual size of some of the larger dinosaurs in the exhibit like the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


      “It’s amazing to be there and stand beside them and see how tall they are,” Drehle said.

She said last year’s turnout was very good and is a reason Jurassic Quest made Hickory one of its weekly stops this summer.

       Since 2013, Jurassic Quest has grown from a 40,000 square-foot exhibit to 90,000. A full-time engineer is on staff to help with maintenance of the dinosaurs and animatronics and the tour guides spend time with professional paleontologists every six weeks to update their knowledge for the exhibits.


--------This article was originally published by John Bailey


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