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Huang heyuan dragon age mystery is expected to crack Is the only global surname of the dinosaur
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 21, reporters learned from heyuan dinosaur museum, paleontologists, ke Dr. Martin from the university of Newcastle Kundrat, recent geological institute associate researcher at the Chinese academy of geological sciences, accompanied by Dr Lu junchang flew to heyuan dinosaur museum for scientific research, and the "huang heyuan dragon" of the museum collection specimens of fossil bones sampling, so that deep mystery about "huang heyuan dragon age make further scientific cracking.

Huang heyuan dragon series 

  Heyuan dinosaur museum curator Du Yanli tells a reporter, "huang heyuan dragon" unearthed in 1999, the Chinese academy of geological sciences institute of geological Dr Lu junchang through restoration and research for many years, in December 2002 in the journal of the American famous journal of vertebrate paleontology (JVP) published the fourth period of the late cretaceous in southern China a new I remember dragon eggs, formally named nine dinosaur fossils unearthed in heyuan territory for "huang heyuan dragon".

 "Huang heyuan dragon" for the stolen eggs dragontech new genus new species and genus name heyuan refers to the locality, a name is given to in heyuan dinosaur fossil excavation and protection work has made great contributions to the then Huang Dong heyuan museum curator.At heyuan Du Yanli said, "huang heyuan dragon" fossils unearthed in, not only further provides for the first time I dragon egg class evidence found in the gobi desert in Mongolia, but also provides a specimen secretly egg birds status of the dragon.Du Yanli said the new discovery and research of this dinosaur all over the world in the future will be named after "huang heyuan dragon", in a sign of heyuan dinosaur research achievement has been to the world.

  In September, 2012, huang heyuan dragon is listed as national key protection the fossil record, this is the only added to the list of fossils, the level of protection in our province has been identified as a national level cultural relics before "huang heyuan dragon", "double national treasure".Du Yanli said, "at present, huang heyuan dragon", heyuan dinosaur museum.

The only global surname dinosaurs

  Dr Lu junchang, said in July 1999, the then heyuan museum curator Huang Dong found in heyuan city and unearthed 7 dinosaur bones, then identified through the identification, the late cretaceous dinosaur bones is about 65 million years ago stolen eggs, very close to their bodies and birds, is in the middle of the biological evolution dinosaurs to birds.

  Lu junchang, said huang heyuan is a dragon keep the some characteristics of the small theropod dinosaur, but also has some basic characteristics of new type of birds, and then to encourage then to heyuan city, museum curator Huang Dong contributions for this reason, he will this dinosaur named "huang heyuan dragon", "huang heyuan dragon" will thus become the worlds only one surname dinosaur species.

  Lu junchang, according to the structure of dinosaur bones to make simulation shows, "huang heyuan dragon" like an ostrich, about 2 to 3 meters long, jaw had no teeth, with the life of birds.Large dinosaurs have been extinct, he argues, "huang heyuan dragon" trying to leave the land development into the air, which evolved into birds, this conclusion is also recognised by dinosaur experts at home and abroad.Lu junchang said this to heyuan, aims to "huang heyuan dragon age mystery to make further decision, the results will be timely publish to the society in the future.


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