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Dinosaur DNA Deception: Why Jurassic Park Definitely Didnt Use Actual Dinosaur DNA
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     Jurassic Park: a story about scientists who discovered DNA left by dinosaurs millions of years after they ruled the planet. As they create the world’s most daring, and deadly, theme park, they use dinosaur, frog and chicken DNA to create real dinosaurs for people to come see.

Science In Movies Is Never Good Science

     Science in movies is never good science. This is true for Jurassic Park, as the science in the movie (and book) leaves gaps that are unmistakably impossible to fill with the science we have available to us in the modern day, let alone the science available at the time of the movie/novel release.

     The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park weren’t real dinosaurs. The technology wasn’t available to create actual animals several million years extinct. They were new monsters that had never before existed created by scientists through DNA splicing and coding, not by manipulating actual dinosaur DNA. Furthermore, it’s reasonable to believe that the creators behind the park would realistically rely on lies to forward the park’s success.

Why Its Impossible To Find Dinosaur DNA In Mosquitoes?

      First off, in order for this to work, the mosquito would have to fit the profile of a young female that drank a large amount of blood from just one dinosaur specimen, though most mosquitoes typically take from more than one animal in a short period of time.

     The female would then have to be immediately covered in tree sap. The fossilization would most likely dry up the sample of dinosaur DNA. The mosquito would also have to be alive in the correct time period to supply any useful DNA, while most insects that were fossilized came after dinosaur’s extinction.

     How impossible is that?! Getting the perfect specimen of DNA from a 66 million year old sample?

     In conclusion, the DNA is impossible to extract or even get a hold of and the dinosaur’s exhibit behaviors that strongly suggest animal DNA use only.

     The Jurassic Park method of madness leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to honest to goodness dinosaurs.


------This article was originally published by Amanda Flinders





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